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Grand Galloping Gala : Pinkie Pie by Rose0fMay Grand Galloping Gala : Pinkie Pie by Rose0fMay
A breakdown of the designs of each of the MLP gala dresses I did this year, continuing with Pinkie Pie!

I will be making collages like these for all the dresses this week, but until then to see the entire group photo, click here, or here.
See Applejack here.
See Twilight Sparkle here!
See Rarity here.
See Fluttershy here!

Let it first be known that I am 100% aware that I am not a crazy awesome artist like many of my friends, and so keep that in mind when pointing and laughing at the mitton hands.


Pinkie Pie didn’t want a dress. She wanted a float, amirite???
I wanted to mimic the confectionary/candy store worker look, giving her an apron like element and a whole lotta fluff so that Pinkie’s gown literally bounced when she walked (because you know…Pinkie prefers bouncing over walking). There were probably some unconscious Strawberry Shortcake nods. The bodice was extremely tricky, as I had to first make the striped fabric by sewing together alternating strips of blue and white cut bias satin. Once the fabric was ‘made’, I had to very carefully line of the pattern pieces so the stripes lines up at every seam. The resulting diagonal candy cane stripe was worth the effort.

There is actually the most lovely lacework in her bolero that doesn’t always show up in photos because it’s white-on-white, but if you look closely, you can see it. The pink skirt was also one of the earlier examples of adjusting from the original design: when I built the mock up from the pattern with the cascading length, the skirt looked tent-like and as though I had mis-calculated the proper length, so I chose to even it out in back.

Pinkie’s got one in the oven. No, really, that wasn’t a joke.
Pixie is a challenging fit to begin with, but the real curveball came about a month and a half before Dragoncon, when, after the bulk of the gown had been built, she called to say she was totally pregnant. PREGNANT, OHSHITSON. I did some math, and realized that she would be entering her second trimester at Dragoncon.

I had to do some tweaking on her gown to accommodate the kumquat, but all that changed visibly is the width of the apron that you see at the waistline. That was intended to be a much shorter gap, so that the skirt and swags wrapped around her body more, so those lines changed and the swags sit further back. She did not wear the corset that was designed to go under the striped bodice because she was already starting to show and I didn’t feel comfortable putting a shaper on her.

Things I would change for later…
The weight of the skirt actually weighs down the petticoat quite a bit, so I would hella add more petticoat. Like, another 60 yards worth, and get all ballerina tutu style on it. I’d also dye the white in the underlayer of the apron and bolero down so that it wasn’t such a stark white and the lace detail would pop more. I also didn’t get the bows on the tiny hat, or on the shoes.


The process of building all six MLP gala dresses took about a year to plan and bring together. I believe we all agreed to put a go on Operation Best Night Ever about a month after Dragoncon 2011, where we had debuted our original My Little Pony group. Gala dresses were the obvious next step. I asked the girls if they would let me design and make the outfits, knowing that I was going to both love and regret it later. But mostly love. All my love.

During the design process, which took place between October and December of 2011, I spent a lot of time considering all the different elements. It was important to me to stay as true as possible to gowns as designed through the television program, and yet somehow make them translate gracefully into human interpretations. The real challenge was ensuring that the gowns would also be both flattering and comfortable for each girl.

Some designs were easier to convert than others. Sometimes I found that what I illustrated wasn’t going to translate well onto a body (either because of what it would do to the silhouette, or because it looked too cartoonish), and I had to adjust accordingly.

Design sketch by ~ me!
Modeled by ~ Pixie
Photo by ~ Eurobeat Kasumi
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nekomiKasai Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
HHHNNNGGGHHH I COULD WEAR THAT DRESS TO SLEEP! Love every bit of it from the hat, the stripes, the cupcake ribbons & candy frills~~ :love:
Falling-Pixie Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Student Photographer
AHHHH omg so the model is Pixie.... and my art name/business is Falling Pixie.... AND I cosplay pinkie pie as well!!!! XDD omg thats too awesome! :heart:
silverpixiefly Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
Internet hugs for you! *hugz*
Dragnmastralex Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
the dress needs to be more puffy and a bit longer in the back the front also needs to be more lacy than flat white cloth.
Rose0fMay Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
The white fabric is lacy. It's mentioned in the description and there's even a fabric swatch in the collage that shows it more clearly. Had you bothered to read the description, the puffyness and the skirt length was also addressed.
spkdog Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I love this! :D
WhiteHeather Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
When I saw that she was pregnant on her Tumblr I could hardly believe it. You can't tell at all with the way you made the dress. She looks super cute and it really fits Pinkie's personality. I'd love to see it with a fluffier petticoat in the future and the little bows added to the accessories. I hope you all get a chance to wear these again so you can make updates like that :)
Rose0fMay Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
You definitely can't ever tell she's pregnant from the front, but in normal clothes you can tell if you get a profile view.

We're definitely doing these again, and all the fluffies. They shall be hers next time!
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